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Couples are looking for the third female for 3some dating


Couples are looking for the third female for 3some datingEnlisting a third female for a threesome

Everyone should try a threesome at least once in their lifetime. The experience is almost always worth it. Even if it doesn't go too well, it could easily bring the spark back to an otherwise boring sex life. Unfortunately, a lot of couples are not brave enough to have conversations surrounding the threesome adventure. So, you've taken a huge step with your partner if you're able to agree on this. The next step is figuring out how to find the perfect FFM or MMF partner. This 3some dating site has got you covered!

Looking online is most effective

Okay, there are many swingers' clubs out there. But they are still a tall order for many couples. First, such gatherings might be off-putting. While it's easy to think you'll feel comfortable around people who share similar kinks with you, it's often not the case. Starting a conversation with someone at the club may be awkward, to say the least. You know next to nothing about the person and if you are just getting around the idea with your partner, there would be some understandable jitters. The prospective new partner may fail to understand this.

A 3some dating site is the best place for a couple looking for a female third or even a male third. These sites have sections for bisexual females who are willing to explore and hook up with couples. You'll get a look at the profile of many prospective FFM and chat with the one you are most comfortable with. The early conversations are devoid of facial contact. So, you'll be more comfortable communicating with each other before arranging a meet. This presents obvious advantages over hooking up at a swingers' club. The privacy afforded by a 3some dating site also makes it a safer option.

How to make it happen

As a couple looking for a female third, identifying the right website is just the first step. Below are some tips to get you through securing the consent of the bisexual female you are interested in:

  • Set up a profile
  • You have the option of setting up a profile as a couple or setting individual accounts for you and your partner. With the former, your prospective bisexual female partner would already know what both of you have to offer. It'll be much easier for her to express her interest otherwise. If you opt for the latter, you'll need to introduce your partner to the potential FFM partner. It is generally preferable for couples looking for a threesome to set up joint profiles. However, setting up individual profiles means you'll have more options to choose from.

  • Upload the right pictures
  • The pictures you'll upload on the threesome dating site should subtly project your sexual fantasies. If you're into role play or S&M, upload a suggestive picture such that anyone viewing your profile already has an idea of what to expect. You should also have a fine mix of individual and couple shots.

  • Send a message
  • Once your profile is set, filter your numerous matches to select the person you both find desirable. Your opening message could be a compliment but you shouldn't wait too long before making your intentions known. Let her know you are a couple looking for a female third. Since it's safe to assume she joined the dating site out of her volition, there's no point messing around forever. However, you shouldn't be too rash either. You must strike a balance between the two extremes.

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